About Equator

Data for doing good

Most of us want to make sustainable choices. But knowing what those choices are has become difficult for businesses and overwhelming for consumers.

Information is often buried in academic articles and research reports. Few of us have the scientific expertise to sift through and analyse hundreds of pages of complex charts, or the budgets to hire people who do.

We started Equator to make this important information more accessible, and easier to understand.

We're building a world where sustainability data is a universal resource for everyone

Our platform offers companies practical, simple insights about their products and industry at the fraction of the cost of consulting.

We navigate through thousands of different datasets and bring you the information you need. Not with complex language and confusing charts, but with simple, personalised stories that will set your business on a path towards a more sustainable future.

We'll help you make data-driven decisions that improve the impact of your products and show you the good choices you're already making.

About our team

Our team

Edmund Morris about us photo

Edmund Morris


Edmund's always loved telling stories with data. Inspired by his hero Dr. Hans Rosling, he's spent over a decade advising governments, aid organizations, Fortune 500 companies and small NGOs on sustainability data and impact modeling. He's worked on projects in 6 continents and is a regular keynote speaker at international events. His work has been featured in Forbes and Travel Weekly. Prior to Equator, he served as Deputy Chief of Party for a US$ 65m program on poverty alleviation and as a member of the UNHCR Syrian Livelihoods Group.

Maya Huneidi about us photo

Maya Huneidi


Maya uses her 14 years of global experience in communications, branding and marketing to transform complex datasets and concepts into relatable and practical insights. She also leads Equator's marketing efforts, customer engagement and outreach. Maya has covered marketing and communications on topics ranging from poverty alleviation, tourism, public health and social justice. She's advised clients on brand identities and marketing in Australia, Dubai, the UK and Jordan. She speaks Arabic and English. In her spare time she loves designing Arabic typefaces.

Jack Rabah about us photo

Jack Rabah


Jack Rabah has over a decade of global sales and business development experience. Most recently, he led strategic partnerships for the Middle East and Africa at the Wikimedia Foundation—the non-profit behind Wikipedia—where he spearheaded initiatives with mobile operators, educational institutions, tech companies, and more. For over seven years, he focused on increasing Wikipedia usage, reach, and awareness. Prior to that, Jack played pivotal roles across a wide range of global industries, from mobile tech to international trade. Jack received bachelor's degrees in business administration and finance from San Jose State University and is fluent in English, Arabic, and Greek.

Rafael Pilliard Hellwig about us photo

Rafael Pilliard Hellwig


Rafael leads the Data Science work at Equator and develops some of the most sophisticated and robust statistical approaches that underpin Equator's DataByte system. He has over a decade of international experience in statistical modeling for industry and government clients in Australia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, the US and Canada. His corporate experience extends to consulting in tourism, economic development, banking, oil and gas and financial services. Rafael supports the entire data sciences, and oversees data testing and the development of the data system. When he's not coding, he's probably deep-sea diving, hiking or skiing.

Callum France about us photo

Callum France


Callum spearheads both front- and back-end development at Equator as the lead programmer, steering the company's cutting-edge technical solutions. His leadership guides Equator's technical staff in bringing these changes to fruition. Callum plays a pivotal role in architecting and implementing innovative solutions, such as the DataBytes engine. In his prior role at Healthengine, he contributed to shaping Australia's digital healthcare landscape, working on both in-house SaaS solutions and integrations for clients such as the Australian Government. He is passionate about the open source community and the study of mycology.

Jianzhen Toh about us photo

Jianzhen Toh


Jianzhen works across both front- and backend, building APIs and Equator's databases. He also drives efforts in data extraction and acquisition, developing some of the most efficient ingestion systems you've never seen. He also has one of Perth's 'most acclaimed' sneaker collections and when he's not out running, he's busy documenting his life on YouTube.

Shreestina Tamrakar about us photo

Shreestina Tamrakar


With a background in Data Science, Business Studies and Economics, Shreestina specializes in data analytics. She supports the development of DataBytes, statistical models and insight extraction. Her previous experience includes portfolio management and working in the disability sector in Australia. Her areas of focus are data cleaning, processing and visualisation. She speaks Nepali, Newari, Hindi and English.